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NYC Penthouse renovation: 


Hiring Tony Fornabaio for the gut renovation and interior design plan of my NYC apartment

was truly an investment, not an additional cost.


His professionalism and experienced advice opened my eyes to the 

possibilities I didn’t see before and allowed me to allocate my budget 

to achieve much more than I had originally intended including a new kitchen!


His ability to address exterior as well as interior design helped tremendously

with my outdoor space. Bonus!


He is well organized and runs things efficiently which is essential when renovating with a three 

year old in tow.

His knowledge of contractors and overseeing all the work is professional, calm and laser sharp.

Nothing was left up in the air. He is an amazing problem solver.


He has a great rapport with the vendors.

They are very responsive to him which makes shopping a fun and productive experience.


His ability to step in my shoes and find what I love within a few choices was effortless.

He really made shopping a breeze! He has an innate ability to pick furniture that stands the test of time.


Peace of mind is what I had working with Tony.

He’s the sweetest person to work with and really listens to my needs.


His use and knowledge of light was so important and I am so grateful for his expertise.


During the whole process when issues or questions came up I was never left waiting. 

I truly trust Tony and I recommend him whole heartedly. 


I got to know Tony when I did a gut renovation on my home in Katonah. 

He guided me on all furnishings, fixtures, bathrooms, and art. 

Along the way he saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. 

Tony took the time to understand my tastes and sensibilities, and because of that investment,

he was able to present me with personally appealing decorative choices that made the process smooth and enjoyable.

Tony has a no nonsense, straightforward approach.  He’s the perfect mix of NY City tough and NY City taste.


A few years after this project I renovated my NYC apartment, and was extremely happy with Tony’s work again.

I am pleased to recommend Tony Fornabaio for design work.

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